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Datalogic Automation Scanning

Datalogic Automation Scanning

2D imagers for better traceability

  • 2D imagers with a 1.2 (Matrix 220) or 2 megapixel sensor (Matrix 320)
  • Ideal for industry, manufacturing and logistics
  • Three DPM illumination options: red or blue polarizing filter, diffused light
  • Full industrial connectivity
  • Digimarc scanning technology (Matrix 220), C-Mount models (Matrix 320), depending on the model
Datalogic Automation Scanning consists of compact, image-based barcode readers for stationary use and feature, among others, the Matrix 220 (1.2 megapixel sensor) and the Matrix 320 (2 megapixel sensor). Both have been specially developed to improve the traceability of apps used in industry, manufacturing and logistics.
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